Production Technologies

Manpower to support prototype development

The first step to become an engineers

Sheet metal hand work technician Miyazaki is a veteran who entered the Prince Motor Tokyo Headquarters (Ogikubo factory) at the age of 16. After 3 years of training at the company's training school, he was assigned to the prototype division. At the time, only 7 of his 150 classmates were assigned here. From this assignment, he began to walk down the path of a sheet metal hand work technician.

Strenuous effort from narrow loss

At around the age of 18, he was recommended by his superior to participate in the World Skills Olympics. He engrossed himself in the challenge, but at the Nissan representative selection tournament he was overwhelmingly defeated among rivals that had been training for a year. With this regret as his impetus, he endured a month of rigorous training, and the following year he won a splendid results as a representative.

Honorable selection. To advanced developers

At that time in Tokyo, he achieved such favorable progress as a sheet metal hand work technician as acquisition of an instructors license, and passing the class-1 sheet metal skill test with an exceptional acquisition speed only seen once before. Such endeavor garnered recognition, and eventually he was promoted as a member to participate in the production of the "Prince Royal", to be chauffeured for Emperor of Showa. This is a mission entrusted only to an extremely limited group of technicians in all hand-crafted made-to-order articles. Afterwards, he took the role of an advanced technician developing the limited edition B1, Pao and Figaro, the racing car Silvia and the S54B Skyline GT.

Striving for even further heights as a lifelong engineer

He has had over 35 years with sheet metal. Even with the progression of on-site mechanization, the "hands" of humans still surpass machines. Many years of experience, intuition and know-how let him feel by touch what eyes can not distinguish. The moment "human" exceeds the "limits of machine" is the real thrill of being on-site. Always aiming for the "next perfection" while greedily taking in the the ideas of younger members, even today he strives for new breakthroughs on-site.

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