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Care towards body framework precision improvement and prototype development connected to mass production

Press technology

Press manufacture design and concurrent engineering activity

Veteran engineers having abundant automobile development experience give feedback to product designs considering mass production productivity, utilizing formability/mass production productivity analysis and form simulation.

Mold quality improvement

Even now, when simulation technology has developed, veteran engineers and craft technique collaboration are necessary for the final stage of press part quality improvement. Staff with abundant experience through quality improvement tasks of mass production die production at automobile manufacturers play an active role in panel quality improvement with short delivery lead time.

Process design quality improvement through PDCA

PDCA cycle is always turned from design, process simulation to forming, forming result evaluation and further design, utilizing laser measurement devices. Know-how accumulated from past experiences are utilized to cope with new materials continuously adopted from the needs of weight reduction of vehicles.

Assembly technology

We cooperate with customers extensively from the prototype stage so that customers will be able to produce vehicles with high framework precision mass production stage after all.

The first step to realizing high framework precision starts from feedback to design data. We perform thorough inspection on each and all 500 parts data of the entire body-in-white and give feedback for precise manufacturing. From meetings with customers, we decide body precision control parts and tolerance important to assuring body precision.

"MONOZUKURI" progress with close coordination between body process and press process. We proceed with body assembly study concurrently with quality improvement work for press process, and clarify the points to be assured during press. From sub-assembly measurement results, we perform estimates of tolerances for each press item.

For final assembly precision assurance, we utilize double-arm large-scale measurement devices. Together with measurement results accumulated from each piece and sub-assembly, we achieve precision improvement from the first vehicles.

Activities for productivity improvement

At 3D Auto, we always strive for productivity improvement under the slogan of "Breaking Limits ~Next 3D~".
In fiscal year 2012, activities are promoted from reviewing "SEIRI" "SEITON" "SEISOU" "SEIKETSU" "SITSUKE" which are the bases of all, reviewing process based on operation analysis, control of use of consumable items based on theoretical requirement unit to implementation to all processes improvements by standardization, with 3 fully assigned people acting as the center with the cooperation of external consultants.

Manpower to support prototype development →

Supports manufacture of a variety of parts, such as body-in-white

Production facilities enabling integrated in-house orders
Production Facilities

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