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Small-quantity production business utilizing prototype production methods

Why small-quantity production by prototype methods?

Differences in mass production and prototypes of press parts

For mass production, in order to manufacture over 1000 products monthly, for example, even a large-scale panel exceeding 3m in length must be produced within 4 seconds.
It means that even steel sheets over 3 meters long with only 0.6 mm thickness, have to be suddenly accelerated up to 30 km/h in 1.5 seconds, and then suddenly decelerated to have all forming, cutting and drilling done automatically with dies while they are transferred to the following process dies 6 meters away.
Because of this, a great amount of investment and a period of over one year become necessary to prepare dies, tools and jigs after finishing the prototype and deciding to make the product.

The most important point for prototypes is how fast they can be delivered to the customer.

If even one piece is lacking, experiments cannot be performed.
Depending on customer's circumstances, a part can be delivered within 7 days after receiving data.
On the other hand, we are allowed to take minutes to produce a part as we only have to produce as much as 100.
Because of this, metal hand works and free cutting by laser cutting machine are possible. With investment of 10-20% of mass production tools and jigs, and less than 10% of time, you can obtain your first part.

Comparing prototype and mass production models (press forming)

The merits of small-quantity production utilizing prototype methods

Realizes short lead time, low risk and small initial investment.

Are you using mass production tools and jigs to produce a monthly output of 100 units in a mass production factory?
If you rely on 3D Auto from the prototype, we will create cast iron dies capable of mass production from the prototype stage, and with the addition of small amendments due to post-prototype completion design changes, it is possible to commence production.
There is no need to prepare mass production jigs and tools taking long time, changing design some time, worrying if the part would take shape with completely fully automated forming. You can commence mass production quickly, with low risk, and with little initial investment.

Many variations with limited additional costs

Utilizing sheet metal works and laser cutting, you can add a great diversity of variations.
It is an easy task to add flanges and holes to increase optional parts to be attached considering handling of variations of prototype experiments.
In order to create many variations without error, we utilize our unique production management system cultivated with prototypes. For production of city buses, provision of over 20 basic specifications and single unit unique specifications are utilized.

Putting designer feelings into products

For mass production product design, it is important to incorporate productivity. No matter how wonderful the design, it cannot be adopted if it cannot be mass produced. In order to perform high-speed, fully automated production, designers have to take into consideration many constraints. Press machining direction that can be established freely, flexible cutting process with laser devices, sheet metalwork and welding by experienced craftsmen. Through full utilization of prototype production methods, we can support designers' thoughts to be embodied into products.

Comparing common small-quantity production to small-quantity production through 3D Auto's cast iron prototype dies

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