From the incorporation of design data into mass producability through body-in-white assembly, all done in-house

Production process

In order to realize very high level of quality assurance and short delivery lead time required for development prototypes, all QCD production activity from order placement to delivery is centrally managed by a unique production management system.

ホワイトボディアッセンブリ 鋳鉄鋳造 サイマルから

CAD/CAM/CAE process and overseas network

Production starts from the CAD/CAM/CAE process.
This is an important process deciding if a good product can be delivered quickly at low cost to the customer.
In the CAD process, members of 3D Auto Designs, established in the Philippines, work taking constant communication with the design members in Japan.
Together with the 2D cross-section drawings and simple "like this" instructions from the design members in Japan, the members in the Philippines precisely make up form.
What makes this possible is the year training undergone at 3D Auto. In this training, CAD operations, are naturally trained but also they learn about formability by observing the parts actually formed by the dies produced from the data they created themselves.
Only after this can they act in the CAD process as a member of 3D Auto Designs.
Only when the CAE analysis results of the CAD data is approved, the CAD data is then sent to the CAM process, and the NC data required for machining is prepared.

Productivity incorporation

Business experience and results making it possible to incorporate productivity from the prototype stage

Through a half century of prototype business experience and individuals experienced in the automobile development business, we will cooperate to incorporate productivity from the prototype stage.
We perform confirmations to incorporate productivity from formability analysis through forming simulation and form study for press process reduction, to assembly feasibility.

Timely feedback of study results

We do this together in a set with proposed form part data. By giving feedback through data, the customer can make timely judgment of adoption.
By incorporating productivity from the prototype stage, we are able to drastically reduce loss from design changes which used to occur at the mass production stage.

Making iron casting in-house possible

Increasing demand for weight reduction of automobile

Zinc alloy was used as material of dies in the past allowing in-house manufacturing of dies even by prototype manufacturers because of the relative ease of founding offered by its low melting point. Recently, demands for weight reduction of automobiles have raised the application ratio of die quenching and high tensile steel panel parts in body parts, and needs to use cast iron with superior hardness with high melting points as die material in place of zinc alloy is rapidly increasing.

Short delivery lead time by iron casting in-house

Iron casting is difficult and was generally procured from foundries, but due to transportation and waiting time at foudries work load circumstances, procurement lead time required 30-70% more than zinc alloy, making this a major problem for prototypes requiring speed within customer development schedules.
Therefore, we challenged to do iron casting in-house that can not be seen in any other prototype manufacturer, and was successful to produce iron dies within the same lead time of zinc alloy dies. From making styrofoam "patterns" for cast iron founding, fireproofing lubricant coating, founding, to post-founding shot blasting, all processes are handled in-house in an integrated fashion.

Casting material provision lead time

Body-in-white assembly

At the 60 m x 32 m large fully security controlled assembly plant equivalent to the size of automobile manufacturer's prototype plant, we perform body-in-white assembly. Prototype lead times depends on the design and production period of jigs for final assembly process.
By utilizing in-house designed and manufactured universal jig with free positioning, rotating extensible base parts, we support body-in-white production with short delivery lead times and low cost.

Body precision assurance

Body-in-white are made from about 500 different press parts welded in sequence, in the end assembled into one unit. In order to assure body precision of a high level with in a short delivery lead time, we must take on the task as a whole, from press process to body assembly process.
While we need to raise press part precision of important key parts which determine the precision of the whole body even beyond the quality required by customers, it is not good to put time and quality improvement costs needlessly to parts that does not affect precision. Being able to freely control all process in-house is one of the strong points of 3D Auto which make it possible for us to supply good quality body fast and at low cost. All coordination is managed by our staff possessing an abundant development experience in automobile manufacturers.
For automobile prototype body assembly, high precision such as + 1mm is required. For body assembled at our company with prototype parts produce in-house, we have continuously achieved over 90% acceptance ratio for body precision.

Quality assurance

The base of quality assurance is management of production information. Order information received from customers is imported through a unique production information management system developed here at 3D Auto.
All important information for production are transmitted from the production information system, and production results (start to finish dates, who, what) are registered in the system as needed, and identification tags are attached on the parts.
At picking for assembly, a list of necessary parts, illustrations and ID tags are compared, and picking results are returned to the system. The picking details are confirmed, and are reflected to inventory control and production schedule.

Integrated management of all manufacturing processes with the production management system

Frame assembly

By doing prototypes with a system as close as possible to mass production --welding with robots, etc.--we provide not only prototype parts, but information meant for customer's mass production. Capable of prototype frames for 6m-length large SUVs and small pickup trucks.

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