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Supporting Advanced Technology: Die Quenching

We offer strong, high precision press parts by forming red-hot steel plates while quenching them with water-cooled cast iron dies.

Supporting Advanced Technology: Die Quenching

Small-Quantity Production Business Utilizing Prototype Production Methods

By using prototype production methods, we can produce many varieties of pressed products with low costs in a short period, with free designs that are impossible with mass production methods.

Small-Quantity Production Business Utilizing Prototype Methods

All from incorporating improvements for mass production into design data through to body-in-white assembly done in-house

Once the design data is delivered, all that remains is to wait for the body-in-white to be completed. We can be relied on completely for development prototype production, from incorporating productivity into design up to the production of the body-in-white, reproduced faithfully to design and with high precision.

All From Incorporating Improvements For Mass Production Into Mesign Data Through To Body-in-white Assembly Done In-house

Technology and facilities capable of responding to any kind of request

Supports production of various products, such as body-in-white

Production facilities enabling integrated in-house orders
Production Facilities

Body framework/prototype development connected to mass production
Production Technologies