Supporting advanced technology: Die Quenching

About die quenching

Die quenching is a method for producing quenched parts of high precision and strength by forming heated steel plates into shape while cooling them rapidly with dies. We achieve 1.5 GPa tensile strength.
Adoption for automobile body lightening is rapidly progressing. Among vehicles launched in 2012 there are examples of increased adoption, up to nearly 30% of body frameworks.

Possible materials: various plated and non-plated materials

Sample Name: t1.6mm Etching: 5% Nital
Photographing Magnification: 500x

Producing 1.5 GPa high-precision, high-quality parts in 3 weeks

3D Auto can deliver parts in 3-weeks from receipt of product data from the client through utilization of in-house cast iron founding and dimensional accuracy forecasts.
Die quenching steel panels for automobile are plated for the purpose of surface oxidation during quenching and to ensure subsequent corrosion resistance. In order to achieve appropriate quenching upon use of this plated layer function, temperature control during heating and cooling is extremely important.
3D Auto can produce parts satisfying the strict quality standards of automobile manufacturers, by controlling temperature based on abundant experiences regarding forming. Of course, it is possible to handle requests in terms of assembly units, utilizing our in-house assembly technology.

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