Small-Quantity Production Parts

  • Assistive Vehicles

    100 to 200 units per month floor sub-assemblies for slope-type assistive vehicles.
    We produce 2 types of floors with a single assembly jig. Quality assurance is done on all of our products through check gauges, twice in the manufacturing and quality assurance processes.
    Sub-assemblies produced by 3D Auto are delivered as-is into customer's body lines, so there is no need for remodeling after vehicle completion.

  • Bus Parts

    In addition to over 20 types of basic specifications, we also handle individual specifications. We have received commendations from our customers for accurate production.

  • Ambulance Parts

    We produce parts for all kinds of ambulances, based on remodeled existing vehicles.

  • Panel Parts

    As for mass-production vehicles, various restriction are put on to its designs for fully automated production. The location of car hood opening line is one example.
    For mass production, the opening line of a hood, must be at the height but this spoils its beautiful curve line by dividing it.
    By prototype production method using press machine and laser cutting machine that can process from free directions, the opening line could be brought to the bottom where the dividing line will not spoil the curve.

  • Die Quench Parts

    Big investment for equipments and low productivity makes die quenching difficult to implement at mass production, but it is okay with prototype production methods.
    Compared to forming ultra high tensile steel panel parts cold, it will be possible to commence production of products of higher strength and precision in a shorter period.

  • Aluminum/Stainless Steel Parts

    We are also good at welding and pressing of aluminum and stainless steel.

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