Prototype Parts

  • Body-in-White

    From compact cars to large SUVs, we handle production of prototype bodies starting from a single unit.

  • Sub-assembly

    Handling production of various assembly units, large or small.

  • Frame

    Producing prototype frames for 6m-length class large SUVs and small pickup trucks.

  • Panel Parts

    Handling production of all outer panels: side outer, hood, door, roof, trunk and back door.

  • Covering parts

    Capable of handling parts for hood, door, trunk and back door, from sub-assemblies to hems.

  • High tensile steel panel, die quench parts

    Capable of producing 1.2Gpa class steel panel parts of die quenching and cold press. Capable of handling in-house parts production using tailored blanks by joining different materials through laser welding, starting from blank material production.

  • Suspension Parts

    Capable to do all process from thick part press to weld assembly. Handling full curl press methods for producing pipe shapes from steel sheet.

  • Trim Parts

    Handling production of trim parts, starting with steering members.

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