Company Profile


Business Contents

Production of prototype panels and assemblies for development of new auto motive and motorcycle.

  • Production of prototype dies and panels from small size ( ex. Bracket) to middle size ( ex. Pillar Center).
    *Large parts to be produced by 3D AUTO, a related company in Japan

Metal hand works

  • Quality/accuracy improvement of panel parts at customers' mass production start up by hand works and/or jig adjustments
  • Support by Japanese skilled technicians from 3D AUTO possible depending on the volume/content of the project

Laser processing

  • Trimming, piercing and/or blanking by laser if mass production dies are not built in time for start up
    Capacity ; 70 panels/sift for middle size panels ( ex. Pillar center inner )

*We will start Small-Quantity Production Business in near future depending on the need of the customer

Small-Quantity Production

  • Parts production for ambulances ,trucks ,buss, construction equipment, etc. by utilizing prototype production method
  • Panel parts for life time total production of 2 - 3,000 units or 200 units per month
    *Large parts to be produced by 3D AUTO, a related company in Japan


ZAS gas furnace (spiral type)


Machining center "OKUMA MCR A5C"


Hydraulic stamping machine "KONGO"


3D 5 axis laser cutting machine "NTC TLM610DI-25F "


Portable Spot Welder

C:180x215, 200x230
X:300x700, 222x800

Spot Welder "DAIHEN"


3D Measure "CIMCORE Arm 7530E"


Other equipment

Machining center for full mold pattern "HEIAN NG-151MC", Milling machine "ARGO", Lathe, TIG/MIG Welders, Drilling machine, band saw

Company profile

Business contents Production of dies, prototype panels and assemblies for development of new automobiles and motorcycles
Quality improvement and/or adjustment by laser processing, hand working of panel parts for mass production start-up. Small quantity production of panel parts.
Employees 13 including 2 Japanese (increasing local staffs occasionally)
BOI acquisition 'July 2013
ISO Preparing for the acquisition of the ISO9001
Requests for information materials/inquiries ■Thai language
+66-2-963-7400~7404 EXT.600
■Japanese language

Fully supported by 3D AUTO

3D AUTO trains our staff in Japan necessary techniques and knowledge for prototype panel production


30Km /a little less than 1 hour from the center of Bangkok
50Km /1.5 hours from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport

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Requests for Information Materials/Inquiries
TEL: 042-985-1651 (Representative) Operating Hours: 8:30 - 17:30 (Weekdays) / FAX 042-989-6624
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