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Supporting New Model Development for Automobile/Motorcycle Manufacturers and Tier-1 Suppliers

Body-in-White/Frame Development Prototype Industry

We support development of body-in-white and frame assembly from the design stage.
By supporting design with consideration for mass production from the initial development stage, we can assist our customers in reducing development lead time, manufacturing costs.
We have a results that 94.8% of the data prepared by 3D Auto for feedback has been adopted as-is as our customers' design data in the development of platforms for automobiles.

Small-quantity production business that can be started with short lead times and low costs

By assisting development consistently from the prototype, we achieve low cost, small-quantity production with short lead times and without newly preparing mass production tools and jigs.
By utilizing laser devices and sheet metal work skills characteristic to prototype production methods, we can support realizing complicated designs and small-quantity many variation products that are impossible with mass production methods.

Strong points of 3D Auto

・Offering stiff, high precision press parts by die quenching
・Offering press parts of a great variety of flexible designs with short lead times and low costs
・Integrated in-house prototype development is possible upon receipt of design data

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